Led Phototherapy
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Aiming at:
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Acne and blemish relief

  • Technical features:
    • 3M Hz ultrasonic treatment can detoxify lymph system, improve blood circulation and promote generation of collagen thus has visible effects against all aging signs.
    • By pushing nutrition deep into skin, ionic conducting can enhance results of your skincare products to the best meanwhile improve metabolism and cell activities.
    • Red photon: wave length 625±3nm, stimulating generation of youth collagen and cell activity. -- IPS Wrinkle Defeating Complex
    • Blue photon: wave length 465±3nm, preventing acne breakout by killing bacteria and anti-inflammation. -- IPS Acne Defeating Complex
    Use LED photon beauty Machine for:
    • Regrowing youth collagen,anti aging.
    • Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Fading age spots, reducing solar skin damages.
    • Decreasing the erythema and telangiectasia.
    • Lightening skin pigmentation and Pigment removal
    • Refining pores, Skin tightening.
    • Promoting blood circulation, improving skin conditions.
    • Removing black eye.