Ultrasonic Facial Massager
Anti-wrinkles acne removal treatment beauty instrument:

Anti-inflammatory acne.Deeply skin rejuvenation and promoting regenerating of the collagen.
wrinkles at canthus, corner of mouth and forehead; Acne skin.

Technical features:
  • 3M Hz ultrasonic treatment can detoxify lymph system, improve blood circulation and promote generation of collagen thus has visible effects against all aging signs.
  • By pushing nutrition deep into skin, ionic conducting can enhance results of your skincare products to the best meanwhile improve metabolism and cell activities.
  • Red photon: wave length 625±3nm, stimulating generation of youth collagen and cell activity. -- IPS Wrinkle Defeating Complex
  • Blue photon: wave length 465±3nm, preventing acne breakout by killing bacteria and anti-inflammation.
The photon therapy can remove acne and diminish inflammation.You may enjoy the visible change after using once

LED only light at when you touch the skin!! Their is a sensor around the LED panel.

Use pure red light or infrared ray to stimulate the skin tissue, remove fine lines, fade skin tone, soften and smoothen skin, and relieve the ageing signs.

Scientific physical therapy:
  • 12pcs red light wavelength 625±3nm : activate cells, promote the formulation of collagen Wrinkles Removing.
  • Activate cells, promote blood and lymph fluid circulation with 3M ultrasonic function, promote skin to absorb nutrition and remove surplus water. , Powerfully cleanse skin and regularize oil secretion.