Hair Removal
DepiTime Rechargeable hair removal machines is a doctor recommended device that is based on years of research and development. It has been featured in magazines and TV program.
Hair removal product advantages:
  • Cost less than 3 waxes;most people can afford it
  • Patented heat-line technology
  • No pain, No shaving, No waxing, No cream, No plucking
  • Easy to use for home /salon/traveling
  • You can slide the device at 360 degree, forth and reverse
  • Convenient to use for narrow area like finger, armpit in a quicker and steady way
As we all know, Laser&IPL can't find brown hair in white skin, dark hair in dark skin. depiTime is available to treat who have white, grey, red and blond hair in white or dark skin.
depiTime use the advanced technology “International painless heated line”, the heated line (the blade) carbonizes hair trough heat tranmission and promote hairdropping from follicle completely. The product is specifically designed to remain 0.1 cm hair root in order to avoid any skin injury.